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Terms and conditions


  1. Pastrami Deli Internet Shop – – Aleja Powstania Warszawskiego 15, entered in the National Court Register in custody of Kraków Śródmieście District Court XI   Business Division of the National Court Register under KRS no. 0000842152, tax ID:  6762580795, REGON: 386103560, hereinafter referred to as ‘Seller’ or ‘We’, is an online retailer.
  2. You can contact us by email at or by phone on +48 690 902 121.
  3. Access to Pastrami Deli Internet Shop requires a computer or a mobile device with a min. 200 MHz processor, 64 MB RAM, graphic card supporting 800×600 resolution and 256 colours, Internet browser (Internet Explorer (version > 7.0), Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome), as well as a keyboard or another pointing device enabling you to fill out electronic forms effectively.
  4. Prices of all goods available through Pastrami Deli website are gross prices (inclusive of VAT) and are quoted in Polish Zlotys.
  5. Prices listed on Pastrami Deli website as well as descriptions of goods constitute commercial information and are not an offer within the meaning of Polish Civil Code. By placing an order with Pastrami Deli, you make a purchase offer for a particular product whose price and characteristics have been listed in the product description on a Pastrami Deli Internet Shop page. The said price and product description become binding for the purposes of a particular sales contract only after the order has been accepted by us.
  6. Prices listed for particular products are valid subject to stock availability.
  7. We reserve the right to review and change the prices of any goods presented on Pastrami Deli website, publish information on new products, announce and cancel promos available through the shop’s website and modify these, if necessary . Any use of this right will not affect orders placed prior to the date on which any such changes regarding prices, terms and conditions of promotional campaigns as well as sales become effective.
  8. In the event any ordered goods are unavailable, we will immediately notify you of this fact and, if the goods have already been paid for, will return to you the amount of money we have received for the items in question.
  9. In case of promo and clearance sales which will involve only a limited quantity of stock, orders will be filled in order of confirmed orders for these goods. Subject to availability of stock covered by these forms of sale.


  1. Orders for goods available from Pastrami Deli Internet Shop can be placed  through the shop’s website.
  2. For an order to be placed through our site, you must select the products to be ordered (by placing them in the cart) & complete the registration form (‘Registration’)
  3. Read, understand and accept Terms and Conditions.
  4. You only register with Pastrami Deli Internet Shop once. All consecutive orders can be placed by logging into the Shop using the previously registered login and your personal password, both of which are confidential. You will be able to modify your registered data after logging into the service.
  5. When placing an order through the website, you must provide correct personal data, including your full name and residence address, email and phone number.
  6. After your order has been placed online, we will confirm it by email. Once the order has been accepted by us, the contract is deemed to have been concluded.


  1. Under the Consumer Rights Act of 30 May 2014 (Journal of Laws for the year 2014, item 827) any buyer being a consumer shall have the right to withdraw from a contract of sale without stating the reasons for such a withdrawal within 14 days of taking the possession of the goods by the buyer or any third party indicated by the buyer other than the carrier, and in the case of contracts related to multiple items, which are delivered separately, in batches or in parts – of the day of taking possession of the last item, batch or part. In order to exercise this right and withdraw from the contract, you should make a statement resulting in your withdrawal from the contract and send it to To do this, you can optionally use our electronic form template, which constitutes a schedule to these Terms and Conditions. After receiving your statement, we will consider it and respond to it by email without delay.
  2. To meet the deadline for withdrawal from the concluded contract of sale you only need to make a statement referred to in (1) prior to the said deadline.
  3. We will promptly – that is: not later than 14 days after receiving your statement of withdrawal – return to you all payments made by you, including order delivery costs (except for any additional costs, incurred in connection with a choice of any form of delivery other than the cheapest option offered by us). Refunds shall be made in the same form as payments made for the purchase of the goods, unless you request or agree in writing on another form of refund. Notwithstanding the above, you will never be charged in connection with any refunds made by us to you.
  4. We may suspend payment of any amounts to be refunded until we receive the items or until we have obtained advice of dispatch, whichever happens first.
  5. The items returned in connection with withdrawal from the contract must be sent back or delivered to the following address:  Deli Club Sp. z o.o. Aleja Powstania Warszawskiego 15, 31-539 Kraków without delay and, in any case, not later than 14 days of the day when you informed us of your decision to withdraw from the contract. To meet the above deadline, you must send back the item within 14 days.
  6. You will cover the direct costs of returning the purchased item in connection with withdrawal from the contract.
  7. The goods returned in connection with your withdrawal must be complete (with full set and accessories constituting their integral part). We recommend that you secure the items to be returned so as to prevent any damage to them while in transport. You are solely liable for any decrease in value of the goods resulting from using them in a manner other than the one necessary to verify the character, properties and performance of the item. In the event of a decrease in the item’s value or if the item is delivered incomplete, Pastrami Deli shall have the right to claim damages from buyer in the scope allowed by applicable laws.
  8. The right to withdraw from a concluded contract shall not apply to consumers in cases listed in art. 38 (1-13) of the Consumer Rights Act – especially in the case of contracts
  1. for provision of services, if the service provider has performed full service having earlier obtained express consent of the consumer, who prior to the beginning of the service performance was informed that on completion of the service the right to withdraw from the concluded contract would expire;
  2. where price or consideration for the service are dependent on financial market fluctuations, over which the provider has no control, and which may occur prior to the deadline for withdrawal from the contract;
  3. where the provided item is a non-prefabricated object, produced in accordance with specifications set out by the consumer or delivered to satisfy the consumer’s individual needs;
  4. where the provided item is a highly perishable object or one with short expiry date;
  5. where the provided item is an object delivered in a sealed packaging, which, once opened, cannot be returned for reasons of health protection or hygiene if the packaging has been opened after delivery;
  6. where the provided item is an object which, once delivered, due to its nature becomes permanently connected with other objects;
  7. where the provided item are alcoholic beverages, for which the price was agreed on conclusion of the contract of sale and which can be delivered only after 30 days and whose value is dependent on market fluctuations, over which the provider has no control;
  8. where the consumer expressly requested that the provider visit the consumer’s premises to perform an urgent repair or maintenance work; if the provider additionally renders services other than those requested by the consumer or if the provider supplies items other than parts necessary to perform the repair or conservation work requested, the consumer’s right to withdraw from the contract shall apply to those additional services or items;
  9. where the provided item are sound and/or visual recordings or computer software supplied in a sealed packaging, if the packaging has been opened after delivery;
  10. for supply of daily press, periodicals or magazines, except for subscriptions;
  11. concluded through a public auction;
  12. for provision of accommodation services other than for  living purposes, transport of goods, car rental, food and catering, services related to leisure, entertainment, sports and cultural events, if a specific day or period of performing the service has been set in the contract;
  13. for supply of digital content which is not saved on a physical medium, if performance of the contract has begun on the consumer’s express consent, prior to the deadline for withdrawal from the contract and after informing the consumer of his loss of right to withdraw from the contract concluded.


  1. After the order has been confirmed in a confirmation email as accepted by us, you will pay us the amount due.
  2. Pastrami Deli Internet Shop enables you to make payments in the following form:
  1. online payment via PayPal –  service at the time of placing an order;
  2. bank transfer into our account within 3 days of placing your order;
  3. Available forms of payment are communicated on Pastrami Deli Internet Shop website in the PAYMENTS section. They are also displayed to you at the beginning of the ordering process.
  4. Payment is deemed to be made at the time the amount payable is credited to our account (for money transfers) or the payment is authorised (for payments via PayU).
  5. You must pay the final price consisting of the price to be paid for the goods ordered and all delivery costs applicable to your order.


  1. The ordered goods are delivered mainly on the territory of the Republic of Poland. However, after previously contacting us and agreeing on delivery costs we can deliver the goods outside Poland.
  2. Order lead time will in each case include the time we need to ship the ordered goods and the time required for delivery.
  3. The shipping time is dependent on product availability. It should not normally exceed 14 days.
  4. The delivery time is dependent on the carrier, shipment type and your address. Couriers will normally need up to 2 working days to deliver your order.
  5. The goods are shipped by insured courier mail. We reserve the right to change the courier company even after you have placed your order with us.
  6. The entire delivery costs must be paid by the buyer.
  7. In order to avoid possible complications, we suggest that you verify the condition of the ordered goods and whether they meet order specifications at the time of delivery in the presence of the courier. In the event the goods are found to be damaged or incomplete we recommend drawing up a complaint report in the presence of the courier (who is obliged to be in possession of complaint forms), with a detailed description of the damage. If the shipment contains more than one item, you should return all items delivered in one package. In such cases, all costs related to returning the goods will be borne by us. On receiving the goods, Pastrami Deli will exchange them for new products and the new (repeated) shipment will be effected at our cost. If you should detect product damage at a later time, follow the complaints procedure described below (‘Complaints’).
  8. Delivery costs have been set by Pastrami Deli and is communicated on our website: in the ‘Delivery’ section.


  1. We are responsible for delivery of the product free of defects, in accordance with Civil Code provisions.
  2. If you should detect factory defects in the goods purchased from us, you can exercise your rights under statutory warranty (Polish: rękojmia) (legal basis: Civil Code).
  3. If you detect mechanical damage incurred while in transport you can fill in the complaint form which constitutes a schedule to these Terms and Conditions.
  4. If you choose to make a complaint based on a statutory warranty claim, you should specify in particular what, in your opinion, constitutes the defect, when it was detected, following which you will be able to request, subject to relevant provisions of Civil Code, any of the following:
  1. repair;
  2. exchange of the product for one that is free of faults;
  3. price discount;
  4. withdrawal from the contract concluded, if the fault is deemed serious.
  5. To make a legible claim with regard to the faulty goods under statutory warranty, you should inform us of the goods being defective and indicate whether you wish to make a statutory warranty claim (Polish: rękojmia ), list reasons for your complaint (briefly describe what you believe the defect is), supply your personal data including full name (or company name), email address or phone number required for your complaint to be processed. Complaints can be submitted using the complaint form appended to these Terms and Conditions.
  6. Any defective goods returned under statutory warranty will be delivered, at our cost and as ordered by us, by a courier company of our choice.7.
  7. The complaint (e.g. the completed form), the defective item, the relevant proof of purchase (e.g. invoice) or information on the proof of purchase (e.g. order number, date) must be sent to our address: Deli Club Sp. z o.o. Dział Reklamacji Aleja Powstania Warszawskiego 15, 31-539 Kraków, Poland
  8. We undertake to process your complaint and inform you of our decision. If your claim should be rejected, we will explain our reasons for doing so.
  9. We are liable for defects under statutory warranty only if the defect is reported within two years of the day on which the goods were delivered and released to you (art. 568 par. 1 of Civil Code).
  10. You have the right to object to our negative decision regarding your claim. In such cases you may file for the case to be settled by a court of law. If you are legally recognized as a consumer and wish to resolve the dispute out of court, you may do so by using alternative forms of litigation – that is: apply for mediation or dispute settlement to the Permanent Court of Consumer Arbitration [Stały Polubowny Sąd Konsumencki] (hereinafter referred to as ‘Arbitration Court’) attached to a local District Trade Inspection Centre [Wojewódzki Inspektorat Inspekcji Handlowej] by submitting a relevant request (i.e. request for mediation or request for investigation of the case by the arbitration court). All relevant request forms mentioned above can be obtained from secretary’s office at all arbitration courts or on the website of Wojewódzki Inspektorat Inspekcji Handlowej. To take advantage of any alternative forms of litigation it is necessary that both parties involved give their express consent for the dispute to be settled through such proceedings. Mediation-based litigation is of voluntary nature and is not subject to court or administrative enforcement; no appeal can be lodged against the settlement. If you decide to apply for mediation, you will still have the right to bring an action in a court of law or apply for proceedings to an arbitration court. The judgment passed by an arbitration court or settlement reached before such a court will have the same legal power as a judgment passed by a court of law or a settlement reached before such a court after they have been recognized by a court of law or recognized as enforceable by such a court. If you are a consumer, you also have the right to request that the case be investigated by your local municipal or county office of consumer advocate or you can seek advice from your local Consumer Federation.


  1. All goods and names presented on Pastrami Deli Internet Shop’s website are registered trademarks of Pastrami Deli.
  2. Under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act of 29 July 2005 (Journal of Laws no. 180, item 1495) buyer, when purchasing electrical or electronic equipment, has the right to return old (waste) equipment to seller’s premises at buyer’s own cost. Alternatively, such waste equipment may be sent at sender’s cost to our address: Deli Club Sp. z o.o, Aleja Powstania Warszawskiego 15, 31-539 Kraków upon prior notice to us.
  3. Deli Club Sp. z o.o. is officially an administrator of your personal data.
  4. For the purpose of registration in the Shop, you will provide us with your personal data on a voluntary basis. Notwithstanding the above, your personal data are required in order to process your order, conclude and perform the contract between you and us as well as to manage your complaint.
  5. We process the data provided by you through the order form under the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws for the year 2002 no. 101, item 926 as amended) in order to process orders, conclude and perform contracts of sale and to manage complaints, to which you must consent when placing your order. Your personal data may be made available to other entities through which we carry out our obligations towards you.
  6. We process your personal data for marketing purposes, including: advertising, market research, consumer behavior and preference research, which we undertake with a view to improving the quality of our services, only with your prior consent.
  7. In any matters falling outside the scope of these Terms and Conditions relevant provisions of general laws will apply.
  8. Placing orders with Pastrami Deli Internet Shop is possible only with your full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
  9. Under art. 8 (3) (2b) of the Electronic Provision of Services Act of 18 July 2002 the entity using Pastrami Deli Internet Shop’s website must not place any illegal content on this website.
  10. We will not request from you any deposits, down payments or other forms of financial guarantees.
  11. These Terms and Conditions come into effect on the day they were published on and are available there free of charge.
  12. We reserve the right to modify these Terms and Conditions. All changes hereto become effective on the day as each time indicated by us, not earlier than 7 days of the day on which any such changes were communicated on Pastrami Deli website. With regard to registered clients of Pastrami Deli Internet Shop, any changes to these Terms and Conditions become effective on the after the change was communicated to you in an email sent to the address provided by you at the time of registration. If you are a registered client, you may send us a statement in which you refuse to accept the modified terms, in which case your account will be deleted.

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