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Although the most popular and the most traditional way to serve pastrami is in a sandwich, the meat can be prepared and served in countless ways, both hot and cold. However, served cold, in any way; pastrami would never taste as good as served hot. Our Pastrami, after about 3 hour steaming gets perfect texture and crumbliness and becomes a real delicacy.

To facilitate the steaming process, it is best to do it in a purposely dedicated pot. If you don’t have it, you can use any pot. Pour 3-4 cm of water into the pot, put a rack inside, cover it with aluminum foil and put meat on it. Put a tight cover or aluminum foil on the pot. The water needs to boil intensively. After steaming let the meat rest for about half an hour.

Here are some serving tips for our Pastrami:

  • Pastrami in a classical sandwich on rye bread – Slice any amount of meat between two slices of bread spread with mustard. Serve with pickles.
  • Reuben sandwich – bread (rye or brown, never white!) Russian sauce, drained and delicately shredded sauerkraut, melted slice of cheese. Best when baked in a toaster oven. A perfect sandwich.
  • Pastrami salad – a mixture of favourite lettuce and vegetables, a few slices of Pastrami, pickled olives, vinaigrette sauce. A sumptuous diet dish.
  • Pizza pastrami – as a meat topping
  • As meat serving for the second course
  • As ingredient of many dishes such as scrambled eggs or an omelet. Beef brisket trimmings are perfect here.
  • Pastarmi Tacos
  • Pastrami pasta
  • Cheese soup with pastrami

These are only a few examples how to serve pastrami. As a matter of fact, everything depends on our invention and culinary imagination. Dishes such as Chinese dumplings with pastrami filling, ramen pastrami, or pastrami with asparagus are not just a culinary experiment any more in the USA. They are introduced to menus not only in classical American restaurants. We recommend, however, to start your pastrami adventure with a classical or Reuben sandwich. You will not regret it!!!