Pastrami dumplings! July 24, 2017 – Posted in: Recipes – Tags: , , , ,


0,4kg flour
1 egg

40dag steamed pastrami
15dag onion
15dag sauerkraut
20dag dried tomatoes
100ml sour cream (30%)
100ml white wine


Filling: Steamed pastrami grind on a fine sieve. Chopped onion scorch on a fry pan with some molten butter to make it nice and gold. Add sauerkraut to the onion and stew it all for about 15mins. After that time add the pastrami to the stuffing and simmer it for another 5mins. Mix it all nicely.

Dough: make a paste out of a flour, warm water and an egg and roll it out for a thickness of about 1mm. Use a glass (with diamatere of 5cm) to create circles out of your paste. Then place the filling on each circle. You need to remember to put some serious strength into connecting edges of each dumpling so the filling won’t go out.

Sauce: dice dried tomatoes and put them on a frying pan right with the oil from the tomatoes. Add white wine and simmer it all for 5mins. Add the sour cream to the sauce and make it boil. Next add some salt and pepper. Your dumplings are ready! Bon appettit!