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"heavenly pastrami"
"secret blend of spices"
Delicious Magazine in LOCAL FOOD HERO
(UK's most renowned food magazine)


Try the taste of original NYC pastrami. Steamed slices of pastrami, ready to eat.

€50.00 /kg

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Try the taste of original New York pastrami. Unique recipe and production process using natural ingredients and top quality beef. Excellent customer reviews.

€38 /kg

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Pastrami Chips

Natural pastrami chips made from 100% beef are a tasty and nutritious fitness snack.

€6 /40g

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Clients about our Pastrami

I've eaten pastrami in New York City and this stuff is just as good - delicious.

Josh Stapleton

Pastrami from Pastrami Deli tastes heavenly. Just make sure you steam it properly and it’s so tender and juicy and aromatic. Good work guys.

Arthur Durant

J’ai enfin goûté le pastrami de chez Pastrami Deli et c’était absolument un bon choix! Tendre et juteuse, la viande fondait dans la bouche! J’ai fait facilement un répas délicieux pour mes amis. A répéter bientôt!”

Nicole Segal

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